Supplemental health insurance that may help you pay your deductible and other accident- and illness-related costs.

We offer supplemental health insurance to help you pay your deductible and cover other accident-related costs. When you suffer an accident, you will receive a lump sum payment from Metal Gap which will help you pay your deductible, coinsurance, and any household expenses. The best part is that most of these plans cost under $1/day.

Metal Gap

Here are some key features of Metal Gap :

  • It is guarantee issue– you will be approved regardless of your medical history
  • When a covered accident or critical illness occurs, a check is sent right to you
  • When you suffer a covered accident or critical illness, the lump sum payment is sent directly to you and you are free to use this payment however you choose– whether to pay expenses such as deductibles and coinsurance or lost wages and mortgage payments.